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"I am very interested in stars around Sol and you have created the perfect software for that." —Alex B., North Carolina, USA

3D Astronomy Space Software: Stars in the NeighborHood
Space software download for Windows (XP and later).
Requirements: 6.35 MB of RAM, 8.75 MB Hard Disk space.

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3D views of the Solar Neighborhood since 2001
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If you were ever lost amongst the stars, would you be able to find your way back home? Which one of those points of light in that alien, night sky is our sun?

With Stars in the NeighborHood™, finding your way home is easy. This space software gives you a unique look at the Solar neighborhood you won't find in any other software.

What kind of adventure is waiting for you in this 3D space visualization software? First off, what do the constellations look like from an alien planet?

  • Alien Sky views. Allows you to see the night skies from every star in this space software.
  • Find our sun in their night skies. Allows you to keep track of where home stands in those alien, night skies, even when our sun is no longer visible to the naked eye.
  • Name a star. Give each star a nickname. Allows you to personalize your star list.
  • Extensive help files to answer your questions about the software and about the stars.
  • Tag the stars which interest you (seven different colors). Allows you to keep track of the different types of stars important to you.
  • Add your own notes to each star. Allows you to attach your thoughts to each star you visit.
  • Two 3D views.
    • Close-up "Viewing Cube"
      (scaleable). Allows you to move throughout the galactic vicinity, visiting new neighborhoods beyond our own.
    • Broad view "Locator Cube" (fixed). Allows you to keep track of where your Viewing Cube is located in the Solar vicinity.
  • Sky Map "Distance Viewing Mode" allows you to see at a glance which stars are close and which are very, very far away.
  • Over 10,000 neighborhood stars. These are the most important stars to the Solar neighborhood and beyond. These are the ones nearby and the most visible ones.
  • Find stars by one or any combination of criteria. Star List query makes it easy to do simple or complex searches. Allows you to manage your star data and to find the ones which interest you most.
    Astronomy Space Software - Space Space Software - 'Stars in the NeighborHood:' Gas giant planet.
    Artist's painting of a gas giant planet. Background artwork for Saul Bass, Ray Bradbury short film, "Quest" (Pyramid Media, 1984). Copyright 1984 Carl Martin.
  • Calculate the distance between stars. As easily as point-and-click. Catalogs may give the distances from Earth to each star, but this allows you to find the distances between those other stars.
  • Packed with details about each star. Allows you to learn more about each star.
  • Latest data on extrasolar planets. Allows you to find which of the neighborhood stars are currently known to have planets, and to find them in 3D.

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